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Dear Lynn, RE: VIP CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT Thank you so much for your reply. Infact, before your reply, I'll must say I've already anticipated & expected that i'm will not be shortlisted.

Perhaps I've should share with you why i'm not surprise that I would not be selected. Well, I've was pretty surprise when you conducting the interview. There wasn't any interview about my expertise rather then your sharing with me your personal life with this boss that I'm supposedly applying for the post and work together with him. What's really interesting was your sharing about your relationship with him and the numbers of years with him in the oil and gas company formally you work with and how you both had met there n then.

How you guys fall intimately in love with each other. Seriously this is really none of my concern. Interestingly, you even share that he proposed to you and you rejected his further advancement of proposal not once, but many times. Again, I've would like to emphasis, I'm coming for the job's interview and I'm really not interested about your proposals with him and your personal life.

Unfortunately, the whole conversation of this interview was your sharing of your romantic proposals and your constant rejection to him. I've was quite puzzle as towards the end of the interviewed, you actually advise me, if I were to be hire and offer for the position, you clearly stated by asking me to take care of him on your so called behalf???? Why? Why for GOD's sake should I take care of your boyfriend or your lover?????

Look! I'm really don't know what had happened between you & him. And my concern is purely and mainly for the position. Furthermore, as Im a Singlemom, I've rather takecare of my children and earn a decent living as the post stated, VIP Corporate Flight Attendant (Private Jet).

If you really felt threaten about a female stewardess to work together with him, please states in the advertisement, female should not apply. Cause you are really wasting everybody time! This is also reflects on you as a person working in an Employment Agency (INFINITY JOBCOM @ JURONG) Your professionalism is questionable as a whole from this assessment you conducted. Human Resources versus Yr Personal Love Stories should have not got mix up with your emotion.

Its does not upkeep yr organization & image as a whole. Last but not least, no need to sent to other employer, as I'm do not wish to see you and insulting of my integrity. By the way, under Employment Agencies Acts, employment agencies are not suppose to COLLECT money from jobseekers. Not even a dollar.

Having said so, your agencies had already OFFENDED and BROKE the RULES AND LAWS. As you had collected $10 from applicant without successfully place a job for jobseekers. Takecare & Thank you for finish reading. Enjoy n keep yr man.

Nobody really cares. Lol Bye.

Review about: Infinity Jobcom Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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